1957 Pontiac Star Chief

An Extraordinary Restoration by a bunch of Classic Folks.

Pontiac Project Progress

If anyone thinks that there are no fairy godmothers and fathers, then they are not familiar with this Pontiac’s restoration project. All the tricks and magic were pooled together by a wonderful group of people who helped resurrect this classic car.

1957 Pontiac Star Chief

Purchased June 2009 • Wilton, CA
Engine: Original (resurrected) 347 cu.in. V8
Paint colors: Chalet Blue and Kenya Ivory

The Restoration

The restoration of this car was undertaken as a project by the members and friends of the Roamin Angels Car Club for Diane. The original intent was to get the car painted, running and on the road. 4 years later, the project became an almost full on-frame restoration partially funded by donations – both time and money, yard sales, parts – new and used, and completed with the expertise and knowledge of many people.

Special Thanks to David Blakley and Walt Wake who bought the original 1957 Pontiac for Diane’s 50th Birthday.

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The following people helped pull this project together and I thank them from the bottom of my heart:
Project Managers: Ron Oxenrider and Bob “SOB” Madsen
Car Transportation: Bob “SOB” Madsen and Wayne Davis
Bodywork: Bob Gray, Rod Mullen, and Don Forester
Wiring: Bob “SOB” Madsen
Engine, Radiator & Gas Tank: Larry Eckman, Dan Granholm, Norval Griffin, Tyler McSweeney, Tom Thompson
Transmission: Mel’s Transmission
Muffler System: Daryl Lennox
Interior: Wyotech – Upholstery Department
Paint: Rod Mullen
Door Reconstruction: Ron Oxenrider and Chuck Lorenson
Steering Wheel: Wayne and Alzina Davis
Console Design: Bob “SOB” Madsen
Chrome/Stainless Polisher: Dave Garber
License Plate Restoration: Dave Garber and Jim Moser
Stereo: Russ & Dee Knapp

Plus assorted help and assistance from the following:
Gary Anderson
Steve & Paula Ballard
Bruce & Dee Ann Bellows
Pat Carr
Craig Cattani
Mike Chatfield
Ted Chedwick
Don & Marty Day
Don Dickerman
Lynne Fenchell
Dan Fletcher
Richard & Pat Gruwell
Mike Hauser
Duke Klement
Gin Van Fossen
Ed Johnson
Bob Long
Steve Matthews
Old Town Cafe Morning Guys
Rick & Margie Mullen
Ron Pearson
John & Linda Pritchard
Dale & Pat Runyon
Dick & Rosemary Spring
Phil Traina
Winnie Vierra
Walt Wake
Ray Yedding
Plus many others who donated time, yard sale items, parts and money

…Thank you!